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We strive for consistency so that each visit to our Kala King Chocolate delivers the same reliably satisfying experience while offering an exciting variety of products.

About Us

Kalaking Chocolate has been cooking for rock royalty for over twenty years. As a classically trained cook, she has worked in every corner of the world creating and serving food that meets the most demanding and exacting of standards.

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Our Products


Whether you are looking for a traditional style or a contemporary creation, our decorators can meet your individual needs.


The unique flavors and textures of our breads come from the use of natural starters, minimal commercial yeast, and a slow fermentation process.


Is there really anything more satisfying than a great cookie? We don't think so and when you try ours we think you'll agree.

Chocolate with
White Marshmallows

Everyone loves the elegance of a tart or pie. We offer bite-sized tartlettes for a quick sweet treat or large dramatic tarts and pies.

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We have a full year of fantastic cookery courses all ready for you on our course page, easy to navigate and easier to book on line, we have created cookery courses for all the genres of cooking.

Kids cooking in holiday time is very popular and we are asked more and more for group day cookery and party cook and dine evenings, catered meetings and private dining , The Arches has it all, a beautiful versatile space for a cookery course or bespoke day.

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